I need help form moms with small kids with ADHA and mild Aspergers syndrome please Going crazy...

Cristina - posted on 05/08/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello, I am a single mom of a beautiful boy who just turned six this week, aside from being super sweet and thoughtful and academically gifted, his behavior has been escalating for about a year now, at school most of all he throws himself on the floor, makes constant noises, fidgeting, won't sit still for a second, talks back to his teacher does not listen and wants to do what he wants to do, I've tried time out, taking away his toys and tv, positive reaction to good behavior, I've tried everything under the book, he has been behaving so bad that he just got suspended from school for 2 days, I spoke to his teacher the school psychologist and the principal, they know his endless energy too well and also know he is one of the smartest kids in the school surpassing the fifth graders in knowledge, but that is nothing if he doesn't focus on the tasks at hand. He is so active that he can't make friends, he has two friends that grew up with him and are like sisters to him and love him like so, but to make friends outside of home is really hard for him, he has been bullied at the park by other boys because he gets so happy to be there that he becomes "annoying" so they say. he does not know when to stop with the jumping, fidgeting or dancing, so it annoys the other kids and they keep him out of their activities. This makes him extremely sad and he cries sometime saying: "why am I like this, it's like a switch that I can't turn off!" this break my heart as a mom because I can't help him with that right now.
I have taken him to the university of Miami ADHD/Behavior research dept. to get tested for behavior problems, and ADHA but that one program has a waiting list the size of Texas, and I can not pay a private place for him to be tested and diagnosed, his ped. did evaluated him for a few hours, and did say that he has signs of mild Aspergers and ADHD.
I have to hear from some moms that may be having problems with their extremely hyper active 6 year olds, I honestly do not know what to do or where to go next from here. I do not want to medicate him, I have never given him anything other that his shots every year he has never been sick (thank goodness) but I do give homeopathic natural remedies to soothe his fidgeting, still, I need to see if I need to start looking into meds like Ritalin, I really am trying to avoid those meds, but can't see another way right now, his academics are hurting here.

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