I need help I have 3 kids a girl 21 (doesnt live at home) , a son 17 ( lives w his father ) and 11 yr old son (lives with us, my man isse my husband and my 17 yr old son do not get along my husbands pitches a fit at the idea of my son coming over to our home THIS IS KILLING ME , my heart breaks my heart he loves my 11 yr old but hates my 17 yr old he says that i can spend as much time as i want w him but he doesnt want to b around him im constantly praying for god to help him open his heart up to change......HELP PLEASE


Jodi - posted on 11/27/2014




What has your 17 year old done that has caused your husband to feel this way? And with whatever he has done, has it ever been resolved? I'm sure your husband does not have these feelings for no reason.

Having said that, your husband really needs to grow up. An adult shouldn't be pitching fits.

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