i need help. im 22weeks pregnant and im giving my husband a very hard time. he is so loving and supportive but i cant stop nagging. what must i do to stop this attitude? coz i dont wanna lose my husband


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Part of it really is your hormones. I know that sounds cliche, and people "abuse the privilege" but there is some truth to it.
When you are feeling good, be sure to complement your hubby and thank him for everything he is doing. It doesn't hurt to say, "Hey, I know I've been obnoxious and demanding lately, I'm really sorry! Thanks for putting up with my attitude, and for doing everything you do for me. You really do a lot, and sometimes it's easy to take for granted..." Then hug and kiss on him a little. Doing it just once will go a LONG way! Don't do it too often though because you will seem insincere.

To handle the day to day, try to put things in perspective. Before you say what is on your mind, take a few minutes to think, "Is this really worth putting us both in a sour mood all afternoon, or can I just do it myself in 10 minutes and keep us both happy?"

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