i need help im adicted to snorting pills

Tessia Marrie - posted on 10/23/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




i want to quite but everytime i try it dosent happen. and i am about three months pregnant. i dont want to loose my baby it is the hole wide world to me i have been waiting for this to happen. but it is also hard to give up the drugs you now what i mean its hard to explain. i have had a very hard life...


Holly - posted on 10/23/2012




You just have to do it...reality is hard, trust me when I say I know it is... I am a mother of two kids, their father was very abusive to me. I wasn't sure if if live through it... But I got out... second marriage my husband turned abusive to my kids... It all stemmed from my relationship with my father, our lack there of... Me and him never got along, when I was a teen I finally stood up for myself and screamed in his face... But once I was pregnant with myoldest baby, I new I had to do for them... what I thought I needed didn't matter, it's about what they need now. And your baby does not need to be born addicted to pills... when your baby I'd born would you make it snort pills? Because that is what you are doing to it now... How horrible is that, that you would do that to your tiny baby that is growing inside you... And you have been waiting for this? Waiting to make your baby a drug addict? That is if you don't kill it first.from all these drugs you've been forcing it to take you may have already damaged its little all forming brain.

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