I need help my sister in law hates me to the core

Nicola - posted on 12/04/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




I was friends with this girl for ages and if i do not talk to her she doesnt communicate with me, 3 yrs ago i ddnt speak to her for a yr because i was the only one visiting her and doing most work so i left her we only reunited on this party but am not someone who holds grudges so i was happy to see her our friendship carried on .I am dating her brother by the way. So she gt pregnant last yr and she ddnt want to tell me or anything she ddnt invite to her place she excluded me, so i ended up not being interested.So i offended her cause i told her to get her mums help on her pregnancy i was just being supportive bt she ddnt see it that way and ever since shes been talking behind my back saying i offended her and i got freedom of speech and stuff like that, and also how i said she shldnt have a baby shower cause someone's baby died...and how my aunty lost her baby too ...you know i was telling her as a friend when i was asking if her mum wld want a baby shower she said no her mum wld want a baby welcme coz they were pregnant as the same time....so i was like oh thats still nice i love baby showers even baby welcme too but u kno shes older she myt like baby welcme ....and i told her wat happened to my mums friend she dd a shower and her baby was still born....i ddnt mean her baby was gna die but i was tellin what happened to someone and i felt sorry i wasnt wishing her anything mayb it was wrong time to bring it up since she was pregnant but i ddnt know i dd smethin wrong now a yr latter i hear it from sme1 and i ddnt even remember i said it .....i dnt know why she cldnt just ask me or say she dnt like wat am saying coz she continued being nice after that and now she said the tension is always going be like that and she doesnt want to fix it and how everyone knows she is not talking to me.....

i feel really sad coz i am a bubbly person and how am i supposed to even be around her when its like this ive tried greeting her but she doesnt greet me at all what do i do this is my bf's sister and we are getting engaged soon...we are gn be related and shes always gn be in my life she said to my friend its best she leaves it nt confront and its not weird at all since her hubby doesnt speak to her brother and she doesnt speak abt me to my bf so shes fine.....i dnt know i need help maybe i really wronged her bt dnt i deserve sme forgiveness i ddnt mean any of it she also talked abt hw i wasnt supportive of her pregnancy i tried to but she never invited me anywhere even her own place like i said she wld invite my friends so hw am i supposed to support and always be the one chasing her when am left in the dark....and she seems so perfect like shes always right i dnt know what to do i am cryin right now it feels like i just want to end my relationship and get better sister in laws help i need advice and honesty please .

She said she wants to keep her distance i dnt know if her friends are being negatively influencing her into hating me because shes gna be an aunty to my kids and family so i dnt know .

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