i need help on how to get my son to eat table food

Robert - posted on 11/18/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




my name is Robert i have a 2 year old son that will not eat anything but jar foods.i have him in OT. I have been trying to teach him to chew his food that i make up myself but he will not do it.all he does is gags or throws it up. i know it is a texture problem. i quit buying the baby food.i make my own with oats in it to make it thicker. i have been trying to get him off the baby food and on the table foods but he just throws it on the floor.i don't know what to do but my son is a picky eatter and there are times that i have to force feed him.i don't know what to do please help. you can email me at LVman1984@aol.com


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D. - posted on 11/19/2012




I wanted my child completely potty trained at two and a half years old. She wanted nothing to do with it. Just because I want something for her doesn't mean I'll get it.

When it comes to food and using the bathroom, we, as parents, risk damaging our children if we impose too much of our will on them as eating and eliminating are two of the three things over which we have no control. We cannot control what they will like to eat. We cannot control when they will use the bathroom. The third we cannot control is sleep. Sure, we can impose a bedtime but we cannot force a child to sleep.

If your child is vomitting, why do you want to keep forcing upon him food he doesn't like? He is only two, if he's still eating baby food at age five, then yes, you have a legitimate worry. For now, let him eat what he wants.

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