I need help , or need some advice about my kids dad.

Dana - posted on 10/20/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I need help , or need some advice about my kids dad. I sent them away for the weekend and he was aware that our Van was broken down. Now he doesn't want to bring them back on Sunday. He lives in Texas and we live in Oklahoma City. My kids have school Sunday... My Ex is a bit unruly and he always comes to get the kids when HE is ready. He hardly sees them at all. I am worried about my kids, I just want them home, do I call the police? What can I do?


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Dove - posted on 10/20/2012




If you have a court order for custody and visitation stating when the kids need to be back with you... yes, call the police and they can help you get the kids back. If you don't have the proper documentation you could still call the police to file a report (making a paper trail), but they won't get your kids back as it is then a civil matter not a criminal one.

If you don't have a custody/visitation order and he won't bring them back you would then need to get a lawyer and take him to court.

Ariana - posted on 10/20/2012




Do you h ave proper visitation set up? If not I would get a lawyer and start working on getting that process started.

Call their Dad up and tell him if the children are not at your house Sunday (the day you agreed they'd come back) you will call the police.

That way he knows what will happen if he doesn't bring them back, you warned him. If he doesn't bring them back, call the police. I don't know what else you can do.

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