I need help please


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Michelle - posted on 04/13/2014




Sorry but I'm on the other side of the world so don't know anything/anyone that can help. Why not check with the local women's shelter or churches?

Jesalyn - posted on 04/13/2014




Im a single mom my daughter is seven and we had to move back in with my mom because our place had black mold however my mom has narsassistic personality disorder and its just too toxic and unsafe for us to live here and im trying to find a job and place to live for us and im having no luck and I get assistance from the county but its not enough to pay rent anywhere and im looking for some good places to live outside of redlands ca. If anyone knows of anything jobs places anything at all please let me know im desperate and I dont want to expose my child any longer to this and I cannot take the abuse much longer so please anything will help god bless

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