I need help & support in how to deal with my son's drug addiction!


Amy - posted on 11/16/2013




Find a support group for families of addicts. Nar-anon I think is one of those groups. Then your best bet is to learn to protect yourself. You are going to see some of the most difficult things you can imagine and there isn't anything you can do. You can not make someone get clean and sober they have to be ready to do that on their own. My ex husband was/is a gambler as well as other addictions. I eventually free numb to it and started protecting myself and the kids, seperate accounts, I stopped asking questions, and reached out to a state counselor.

Eventually my ex was in outpatient treatment and things improved but as with many addicts he relapsed and he stopped seeing his counselor. Eventually he got fired from his job, and I filed for divorce. He's still very much an addict but I don't have to deal with it everyday, I just feel bad for our kids who have to watch him waste his life away.

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