I need help taking away the bedtime bottle!

Kelly - posted on 07/13/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son will be 2 in August and we need to get him off the bottle! He is still on formula because he had a reaction to milk and the pediatrician said to just stay on soy formula til he was 2. I need some advice on what I can do to take the bottle away. Our current routine is we ask if he is ready for night night and he says yes, walks to him room, gets in the rocker and then I come in with the bottle and rock him til he is done then lay him down. Tonight I tried putting the formula in a sippy cup and sitting on the couch with the lights off with him...no dice! Then I tried rocking him with it...nope! Finally I caved (which I know is where I went wrong) and gave him a bottle, he drank it and layed right down. HELP!


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Kelly - posted on 07/13/2011




My daughter was on a bottle until April (She turned 2 last week) I had stopped the milk at 16 months but she was getting water, which in the bottle she would down the whole thing and then overflow her diaper at 2 in the morning :o( So I switched her to a sippy with water, the first 2 nights went badly but after that she was ok with it. Now we go to her room, she reads her books in her rocker while I get her room ready and give her brother a kiss, I hold her up to turn the light off herself, and we snuggle in the rocking chair, I hold the water cup but often she only takes a sip or two. After a ton of hugs and kisses she says " go to bed mommy, go to bed" I put her in her crib say the standard speech I do everynight, then say "I have to go say goodnight to..( her brother)", she says "Ok, bye, see you next time" and I don't hear from her again until morning. The first night with the sippy cup I told her that the bottle was broken, she never questioned it and I never took it back out. I don't know your son, but if I had switched my daughter to the toddler bed at the same time as I took away the bottle she would have completely lost her mind. You know your child, Christy's idea is a good one but only if it's something you and your child can live with. I would maybe stick to the old routine to the letter except with the sippy instead of the bottle. One of my friends had to cut the nipple of the bottle to show her child that it was broken, she said it was a tough first week but now her son likes to hold the broken bottle while drinking his formula from a sippy cup. The most imporant thing is to not give in, and not beat yourself up about being tough.
Good luck, stay strong and just go with what you feel your son can handle, if it's a complete overhaul of his routine or just a tweek to the regular one, you'll know when it's right. And as long as you stay consistant with whatever you choose it will work.

Christy - posted on 07/13/2011




Throw the bottles away. Tell your son he's a big boy now!!! Make a new nightly routine. Here's an idea. Go to the kitchen and get a drink from the sippy cup. It's okay if it's not formula, it could just be water or juice. Brush teeth. Go to the rocking chair where you would normally snuggle with the bottle, instead snuggle while reading a story to him. Put him to bed. Let him cry. Repeat every night and over the course of a couple weeks he'll know what to expect and he'll be just fine. Do you have him in a toddler bed yet? If not, that could be part of the new routine. Be positive with him. He'll sense your frustrations and feed on it if you don't stay positive. Good luck!

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