i need help to get my DS/Autism 3y old to eat table food baby foodis all she eats

Patricia - posted on 09/09/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




she had early intervention speech, pt,ot, .i am the gram i watch her & 2 y old brother from 7 to 6pm 5x a week. she is now in full time school (8 to 3) we tried veg sticks, cookies. cooked carrots. she would take afew bites after sppiting it out first then you don't do it for awhile and you have to start over again.she will not even eat ice cream.she was born with DS SURPRISE!! we didn't know.she was saying a few words like da bah.by 9 months she seem to stop then i taugh her signs(ASL) which she had 25 to 50.by 20 month she didn't sign hardly at all. we then found out another friend came to live with us autism!! any think or comment will help thank you i don't get on the computer to much H!!!E!!!L!!!P!!!.GRANDMA

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