I need help to Make courts see My children and I are I'm constant disruption by their father who is hostile aggressive

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Everything begin to take light immediately with finalization of decree. He manipulates my parenting time to become his own by electively choosing not to work then removing the children from school, frivolous doctor visits bc I pay the bills and doesn't inform me if or when they are sick, refuses to allow phone communication with the device I provide, and files contempt after contempt on me for frivolous measures that defray the truth and delay my hearing and time in court


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I currently have a lawyer but he smothers her with filing motion after motion to cover her in paperwork. I was supposed to having a hearing today that I waited six months to have to tell my side of the story. He files a contempt motion in September because he doesn't think I send the right clothes I have to provide, he claims I have put the children on speaker phone when I do not. Before I could have my day in court he proposed a GAL to be appointed at his cost, whom he chose. Judge agreed to this and now he is recommending half time. Alternating weeks with no contact. This man is a known alcoholic, recently serves jail time and been in rehab 3 times. He stalks my children when they are with me and photographs them at school and shows pictures to my daughter he has captured on his iPad post divorce and tells her, "they are there for a reason," I had a protective order and a substantiated CPS case against him last year and the prosecuting attorney will not return a phone call to update me on status of report. I was told it was never signed off on. I have multiple police reports regarding custody interference and they go to prosecuting attorney and are validated, but no one does anything. It is getting way beyond the point of not being able to afford an attorney. Someone please help

Dove - posted on 03/03/2014




If you don't have a lawyer... get one. If you do have a lawyer... seek their advice and assistance.

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