I need help understanding different forms of parenting.

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Hey everyone my name is Shelby! I am doing a college essay on forms of parenting and discipline. I want to gather data on the different parenting styles. My main focus is on discipline and the reason behind why you have used or are using that type. If that means corporal punishment, time out, or nothing. I would like to know your reasoning behind why you use those types of punishments and how it will affect your child's future or even how they currently behave or respond. Thank you so much



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I am a mom of adult children. They are now 18 and 25. In my discipline I used a variety of things. I used a lot of preventative measures such as explaining in terms they could understand at the various ages what was expected of them going places, why we could not get things such as toys or candy when we did go, taught them how to walk along holding hands or on the cart or just nearby, taught them what was expected of them in respects to their elders in how they spoke, acted, and treated them, also taught them to be respectful to others, to take care of their things, and so on. If they did not follow through with things there were different sorts of discipline used. As toddlers we did use "NO" a lot and redirection. As they got older redirection and consequences that fit their age and understanding like if they threw a toy, they lost it or if they talked back they got put in the corner (sort of time out). When they were grade school ages they knew enough and had the language skills to talk things out. My older one was not so hard to deal with about the rules and such though she did have her share of times. My youngest was harder at times. I once had to send him to his room because he tossed a fit at the store and he could not participate in the family outing that night which turned into a family night in. I had him do some sentence writing between 9 years and junior high which taught him the lesson and also taught him to calm down and focus too. When he got to high school, he knew better than to do things and when he did he had the consequences to go with them. One time he got mad because I told him he could not come to the house with his bum knee. He broke his knee brace. I bought a new one and took it to him and made him pay me back with the money he had saved. He hated it because he was saving it for something else he really wanted. So as you can see I used different things from preventative measures to actual consequences when needed. Today both kids are grown and productive adults.

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