I need help with getting my daughter to sleep in her crib..I am having a hard time letting her cry it out!

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Help! My daughter is 6 months old and she has out grown her co-sleeper cradle. She loves it! We now have tried to transition her to her crib. She hates it and cries every time we put her in it. I am having a hard time with letting her cry it out.. is there another way? My daughter will cry for 1/2 hr before I can't take it anymore:( Help!!!


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I had this issue but I learnt from my first child that I would not allow my 2nd child sleep with me.. my 1st was 3 before I had to transition her and it was pure hell and torture for both of us... She is 6 months she is old enough to learn to soothe herself to sleep. With my 2nd, once he was 5 months into his crib he went. I had never tried the CIO before and was very leery of doing it because I felt sooo bad. However, I knew it was best for him in the long run. So, I chose to let him CIO. The 1st night he cried non-stop for 45mins, the 2nd he cried non-stop for 25 mins the 3rd he cried non-stop for about 10 - 15 mins, then that was it! He is now 15 months and has slept 12 hours every single night for the past 10 months. I mean there has been rare occasions where he has waken but in my opinion I didn't want to get him out of soothing himself, so he must CIO, bedtime is bedtime. However, he would only cry for no more than 10-15 mins and that was only in the first 3 months or so. Now if he does wake, he cries for not even a minute or he just babbles to himself and off to lala land he goes again. I should state though, that I still cuddle him to sleep initially at bedtime, then put him in his crib, I just want to hold onto the babiness for as long as I can.. ;) But I am firm, so once in bed that is it, i am not coming in again until morning. He goes to bed around 7:30/8pm and gets up around 7/7:30am, if he wakes anytime after 6:30am, I will let him get up... May sound cruel but he is an awesome sleeper and has been since 5 months! It is worth it in my opinion and experience, since I have tried both CIO and NCM (no cry method - which just made me cry)... This way everyone wins and I know by 7:30pm I can expect that he is going to go to sleep and sleep all night long.. ;) Good Luck! You can do it, she will get the hang of it. As long as she has been fed, changed and cuddled a bit, she will be fine for the night... you can go and check on her later, just make sure she isn't awake when you do. ;) We also have baby monitors throughout our house, so we can listen to him, even if he wakes, now it is cute because we get to her him babble himself back to sleep. ;)

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