I need help with getting my four year old daughter out of the bed with. She has sleep inthe same bed as me since she was born . She just recently got her own room but will not slep in there


Cynthia - posted on 07/20/2011




We recently went through this as well. We had a four year old and 1 year old in our room! (No mommy and Daddy time at all! Ugh!) it was very difficult! We set up our little guy's room, decoratedi n all his favorite things. At first we started playing with him in the room every evening, then letting him sleep in our room, then a couple of nights when we got home from somewhere and he was sleeping, we'd put him in his bed. A couple of times he woke up and ran back in our room, then when we started him in his room at night, we'd take him in , give him a bath, let him pick his own pajamas out of his dresser. We went to TJ Maxx and got this nightlight that hangs on his bed- it looks like a jar full of lightning bugs, it lights up and plays music while they flutter around, and we also bought him a little weird lite calle Glowmate JR. It changes colors and turns off after about 15 minutes. ( I made up my mind that if the lights would get him in his own room, he could have as many as he wanted! :) Then we would have him climb into bed and we'd read him a few favorite books.The first couple of nights, one of us would just sit by the bed, kinda like on the show "Supernanny" after a couple of nights we stopped going in with him and he did very well because he'd gotten used to the routine. When we asked him why he was afraid to sleep on his own, it was because he was afraid of having nightmares so we taught him a little prayer to say before bed , asking Jesus to help him to no have bad dreams! :) It was a slow process, but i've never been one of these parents that could just sit there and listen to them "cry it out!" I wish you the best of luck!!!

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