I need help with managing my sons autism

Sara - posted on 04/25/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Here is just two days in the life of me and Joshua
Asked Joshua not to play in the kitchen with the cats toy because things had been knocked over and I was cooking. Joshua stormed upstairs, slammed the door, started throwing toys about the room. I went up and calmly asked him to stop and to tidy up. He answered no im leaving. I left Joshua and went downstairs, I could hear him destroying things in his room. He then came down and started throwing toys at me. I ignored this behaviour and carried on cooking tea, he went through to the lounge. 5Minutes later I went to see that he had calmed down, he had actually opened the internal door and front door and ran. I immediately went to find him, he was at my parents around the corner. I told Joshua that what he had done was very dangerous and that there are bad people about as well. He said I would run from bad people, they couldn't get me. I explained that some people may not look bad, he replied that he would know and just run from them and that noone can get him if he doesnt want them too.

Joshua was getting ready for beavers, but didnt like the socks he had, told joshua he could change them and that we would be late if we didnt hurry up. Joshua took the socks off, threw them at me. Started squealing, went upstairs fetched a box of lego and threw it at us, he them started picking up other objects and threw them. He told us he was going to get violent and that he wanted to hit me in the eye to make me blind. He whipped me with a laptop lead and hit my friend on the head with it. I removed Joshua and took him up to his room, sat down to have tea, Joshua came down took my plate and threw my dinner at me. By this point, I restrained Joshua using bear hug technique, Joshua is very physically strong and started banging his head on me and then licking me. After a while he seemed to calm and said I need a wee, so I let him go only for him to shout he was kidding and started throwing things again and laughing about it. Took him back to his room and told him he had to stay there until he calmed down. He stayed but emptied his toy boxes out, threw his chair at the door, kept lifting his bed up and dropping it back down. When I went back up to Joshua to ask why he had done this behaviour, he had no answer at all and just said there is always a reason.


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