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Kristi - posted on 07/03/2013 ( 11 moms have responded )




Ok ladies...

This is so stupid and embarrassing and I can't believe I'm even asking about this. Should I try pot?

I am 42. I have never been tempted by smokes or drugs. I recently made a friend who thinks cannabis is the miracle cure and can be used for everything. He has not once offered me any, asked if I wanted any or tried to push it on me in anyway. He's never even smoked in front of me. I also talked to one of my best friends and she told me she used to smoke it all the time. I was crazy shocked. All of a sudden I find myself curious.

My thing is, my daughter is almost 14. We have a very cool relationship. We are very honest with each other about pretty much everything. I feel like if I did try it, I would be obligated to tell her about it. I don't want her to lose respect for me or be disappointed in me. However, it is legal here and would it be any different than me drinking beer, which I do on occasion and she does know that. As long as I don't go overboard, she doesn't mind.

As lame as it may be, I've prided myself on being able to say I've never taken a drag or even tried pot. So, I'm struggling with giving that up. And then, what if I like it? Is it addictive and I'm on disability...I really do not have the money to spend on pot. I don't even know how much it costs for how much and how long that amount would last. Would it cause negative side effects with my prescription medication, which my new friend thinks are just toxic chemicals designed to make big pharm companies rich and will eventually do more harm than good. He told me this before he knew I took meds.

Do any of you smoke it, use it or whatever and does your family/kids know about it? What's it like?

This must sound total ridiculous!

Wasn't this supposed to happen to me like 25 years ago?


Jodi - posted on 07/04/2013




Actually, marijuana can be physically addictive as well as psychologically, as it creates physical withdrawal symptoms (if used regularly) when given up, making it difficult for some people to give up (obviously the symptoms of withdrawal are different for everyone).

Also, here is an article about a study that was conducted that indicates it does cause brain injury. I guess I am just saying that it is a myth that it is harmless. I don;t have a problem with people who choose to indulge occasionally, but I think we have to stop kidding ourselves that it is a harmless drug to use on a daily basis. It is like drinking alcohol every day - not really a healthy thing to do.


Also, just remember that THC, even after the effect wear offs, builds up in your system and can remain there for days or even weeks, and you could test positive to using two or 3 weeks after you last indulged.

Jodi - posted on 07/03/2013




Not so silly. My mother tried it for the first time when she was in her 40s. So it happens.

However, having said, that, I personally think it is overrated. That's me. I have had some bad experiences with friends, and their reactions to it, that have affected my judgment. Yes, I went through a stage in my early 20s when I smoked. But I really went off it, for a number of reasons.

1. My ex cultivated it, and our house stunk of the stuff, and I got to a point where just the smell of it made me gag.

2. My ex's cousin was HUGELY addicted. I know they say it isn't addictive, that's bullshit. He would smoke morning noon and night. As a TRUCK MECHANIC he used to be stoned the entire day....dangerous? He also developed some real mental health issues, to the point where he became non-functional.

3. I have a friend who was epileptic and smoking the dope increased her incidence of epilepsy. Her medication became ineffective.

I could go on. I know many argue that it is harmless, but for some it isn't. It's one of those situations where you don't know whether you may be one of those who will be negatively affected. It also DOES genuinely affect your brain on a long term basis - there are neurological studies that have shown this. Admittedly, it depends how often you use it, but I personally wouldn't do it.

Firebird - posted on 07/03/2013




I used to smoke more weed than anyone else I have ever met. I quit five years ago. It is not physically addicting but if you smoke it day in and day out (like I did) you can develop a psychological dependency. Smoking anything can damage your lungs. You said you're leaning toward brownies, yes they work lol, cookies are awesome too, but it gives you a different kind of high. Smoking it will get you high in the head whereas ingesting it will give you more of a body stone, so don't plan on leaving your house. lol Oh and one more thing... if you do decide to try it, make sure you have lots of pot-free snacks on hand because the munchies are fierce.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 07/03/2013




Well Kristi, first of all you are not obligated to tell your daughter about every adult activity you partake in. BUT, if she ever does ask if you have tried it, and she is curious and wants to, you can tell her your experience.

There are plenty of horror stories about any class of drugs. For the most part, pot is fine. As long as you are not being ridiculous about it and using it just for recreation. Can you get addicted? I don't feel you can get addicted to the drug itself, but you sure as shit can enjoy the high. If smoked to frequently, THC can build up in your system...I am talking about going severely over board with smoking it all day long every day..and it can be released all at once which is not very fun.

I do indeed agree that prescription drugs are a lot more harmful in every aspect than pot. There are really great medical necessities and improvements with pot. It is relaxing, and quite enjoyable. I have no idea what kind of meds you are on, but if they are prescription narcotics THOSE are a hell of a lot more dangerous and addicting. I would prefer to be on pot than daily prescription narcotics. Yeah, I agree with your friend about pharma drugs.

I say go for it. The first high may not be the best. Take it slow. Don't do to much at once. You will get high off of 1-3 tokes, and just let it ride. Be in a safe comfortable environment with people you trust, and just enjoy.


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Kristi - posted on 07/09/2013




Thanks for the additional feedback ladies...it turns out, I am, once again, not receiving email notifications that comments are being made on conversations that I posted to, so I just saw these posts tonight because I was checking out my profile and saw there had been activity.

Dove--I am extremely sensitive to cigarette smoke, too. I can smell it and choke on it from a mile a way. I thought smoke would pose a huge issue with pot also.

So, here is my big experience...

My friend came over Friday night. We took a cooler with some beer and snacks over to our private, neighborhood pool. We drank and talked, he swam. When they came to lock the pool up a couple of hours later, we walked back to my house. It was almost 9 so not quite dark yet. We changed clothes and he asked if he could smoke. I told him before he came over it was ok to bring his weed because Grace was gone camping until Sunday but if he did, he'd have to smoke outside.

We went out on the deck and I was feeling quite happy with the buzz I had working. We were just talking and he was telling me all the different "brand names" of weed and what effect each one had on you while we were watching the Seattle skyline light up in the darkening night. I thought he was going to be smoking a joint but he had this little glass thing that reminded me of the toys we used to pour bubbles in one end and then put in our mouth and blow and the bubbles would come out of the top. I think he called it a bowl. I was very surprised when the 2nd hand smoke didn't bother me. I was giggling like an idiot because 1-I had a good buzz and 2-MY friend was smoking pot at MY parent's house! LOL (we live here while they live in TN) He just shook his head and smiled at me. He held it out to me and I said I don't think I can smoke that without choking. So, he said, here, try this...and he sealed his mouth around my mouth and blew the smoke in. I didn't know what I was supposed to do so I held my breath until he blew out and then I blew out. 3 times but once didn't count because we started kissing and all the smoke went out.

Anyways, that was my childish, dorky but fun experiment with pot. I'm pretty sure I didn't feel a thing. Nothing changed from my buzz so whatever...we had a great night! wink, wink

I am going to show him that article, Jodi. He is wanting to go back to college to be a psych major and he's smart enough but he does smoke a lot. Thanks again!

Joy - posted on 07/04/2013




If I am in your position, I wouldn't do it. Trying Marijuana wouldn't make you a bad mom or a bad person, however this will affect your teenagers behavior. She will think it's fine, and who knows... she might do it.

Kristi - posted on 07/03/2013




Thank you, this is helpful feedback, although I wish Little Miss and Jodi were on the same side. lol ; ) I'm hoping a couple of other "core" moms reply, too. I don't like smoke so if I decide to try it, I'm leaning towards brownies, if that really works? Uh...I feel like such a dork!

Onetraeh - posted on 07/03/2013




ohhh I wish it was legal where I live!well I wouldn't smoke it now becuz I have a 3 week old baby & didn't smoke it while pregnant however!I strongly recommend from time to time if your circumstances r a little different;why not?everybody else is high on prescriptions half the time or on antidepressants;I say just smoke a j & 'every little thing is gonna be alright'

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