I need help with my 14 year old daughter and her period.

Brian - posted on 01/08/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am the DAD of a 14 year old girl. After myself and her step-mom talking with her about for about a year about her period ,she continues to be nasty with bloody underwear and pants. She leaves them all over her room, some in plain sight some hidden. We have told her many times to rinse her underwear if necessary in the tub , then throw them in dirty laundry , she does not. Our dog has found her bloody goods many times and likes to bring them from her room, we also have 2 teen boys as well that don't need to see her private clothing . I am at a loss as to what to do with her. We provide tampons, pantie liners, whatever she needs. She just doesn't seem to get that this is a problem. HELP!!!

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I did not know that this is a site for women only. So now that I know please have your wife write in and I can help with some advice. Your teenage boys are causing her to rebel.

Jennifer - posted on 01/08/2013




I would start making her do quite a bit of work. Tell her everytime, that you see something not taken care of properly, that she will be required to clean her whole room top to bottom, then do ALL the laundry (everyone's, not just hers) Make sure you check on her work, and remind her that if she would have simply taken care of her items to start with that she wouldn't have to do any of this. Make sure you tell her to start with that this is what is going to happen, and make sure you follow through every single time. Eventually she will realize that it is a lot easier to take care of her items to start with than to have to deal with the consequence.

Dove - posted on 01/08/2013




Counseling.... and have your wife ask this question as this is a site for women only.

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