I need help with my 3 yr old granddaughter. She don't want to do any thing she is asked to do and will go down fighting tooth and nail. How can I effectively relay to her that this behavior is unacceptable


Amy - posted on 11/06/2011




Have you tried giving her choices, for instance if it's time to get dressed offer a choice of two outfits that way she feels like she has a say. At 3 it's all about independence so if you give her choices it might be enough to curb some of the tantrums. Otherwise when my son was younger if he was going to throw a fit I placed him in a safe area and ignored the behavior. If she's getting any sort of reaction positive or negative it reinforces the behavior, so let her cry and carry on as long as she's safe once she sees no one is going to pay attention other whenshe acts like that she more then likely will eventually stop the behavior.

If the behavior happens out in public just pick her up and leave. Again if this happens a couple of times and she no longer gets the desired outcome she's going to eventually stop.


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Wendy - posted on 11/06/2011




good advice Amy....may i add when changing what your doing eg: playing in the sandbox to walking home for lunch give her a warning or 2 ....for instance we are going home for lunch in 10 min make sure she hears you again at 5 min and then when your going now....its helps them transition from doing one thing to the other

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