i need help with my 7mnth is clingy and daddy is new to this

Jessica - posted on 05/05/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




im a stay at home mom and im a mother of two. my youngst is 7months and she wont let me breath i cant even go to the bath room without her screaming a storm, so then i assumed daddy was gonna play a huge roll in her attachment issue with me but i was wrong she hates daddy she crys like they are killing her and i cant continue to do me, unless i get her away from daddy and she calms down , so i just gave up on me time :( im recently feeling sad and depress and alon couse she has my nervouse all worked up since i have to put up with her 24/7 nite and day weekend and weekdays, not to mention i clean i cook i have a toddler to educate and potty train aswell. im feeling pretty over whelmed rite about now, daddy is no help he is only a good provider no doubt, so i guess its ok for him not to keep tryn since he works alot and weekends he sleeps all tru the nite while i keep the baby quite. ive already tryed to set up bonding time with daddy and baby but 5 min tru it and daddy is mad and frusterated till the point where he leaves her alone and ignores her till i get in the room, i dnt want to fight with husband so i dont argue ill just get her and calm her down, but at this point im about to blow i cant do this ne more i need some good advice i hve no one eles to help me tru this!!!!!

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