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My daughter is 9 years old she is pretty tall for her age an she is a little bit over weight
To be in 3rd grade she attend a Chicago public school my daughter has been from school to school me an my mother even did the home school k12 program for second grade I put her back in a public school do to the fact I thought this school was a good school an it's closet to my home.now she has been there since September an this is the end of November an I have been up to her school due to the kids picking on her calling her names like you fat why do you have those shoes on who made those shoes why are you in this class you spouse to be in 6 grade now that I have been up there so many times I been seeing some of the teachers they have been getting with some of the kids making fun of the other kids that are less fortunate than others that can't wear name brand shoes or clothes I just need some help I have went an talked to the principle an the teacher so many times they feel like my daughter is taller than the other kids she shouldn't have any problems but my daughter don't see me fighting an just starting stuff with people so she not going to act that way I have been told from family an friends that I baby her to much like if its any body that can help me or tell me what I can do to help my daughter ...thank you in advance


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It can be tough trying to protect your kids at all times.

What are the guidelines for bullying? Are the kids threatening your daughter and causing any harm to her? Does she have signs of unexplained emotional changes? For an example, depression and nervousness; anxiety, tearfulness, moodiness, and resistance to going to school; withdrawal, secrecy, and sadness; ongoing physical symptoms-especially headaches, stomachaches, or fatigue-that are invoked as a reason to stay home; overeating or a refusal to eat; listlessness and loss of interest in favorite activities.

I know that in school kids do get picked on and as parents we have to teach our kids how to handle situations, how to take up for themselves, etc. We can not be there to bail them out all of the time. There are some things they have to learn and stand up for themselves with the parent's support but when it gets to the point of extreme withdrawal from your child and some of things listed above are starting to take place, something has to be done at a different level.

Kids are kids, some are nice and some are very mean. You are asking what can you do to help your daughter? Are you an overprotective parent? Does she have friends that she plays with at home? Do you allow her to be independent and play with other kids or are you right there ready to rescue her immediately when something happens? Are you a mom that will do every single thing for her?

I'm asking you these questions because if you are one of those parents that their child is there security blanket , there's not going to be too much you can do. If you are teaching her that no matter what, mom will be there to fight for you even when kids are being kids, this will be your life and hers. You will continue to bounce her around from school to school because you won't find a school full of perfect behavior kids.

Not trying to sound harsh but what are you teaching your daughter? Are you teaching her self confidence? Are you teaching her that there are nice and mean kids? Are you teaching her how to handle the unfriendly words being said to her? It won't be the last time, how are you teaching her how to handle it? What you want her to become, be and do, it starts now. If you want her to have confidence in herself no matter what, how to handle conflicts, it starts now. I ask again, what are you showing and teaching her?

I'm a mom of three and was a single mother for my two oldest who went to a public school from K-12. I am speaking to from mother to mother. I had a sister who was overprotective of her daughter and she baby my niece too much. I would like to tell you that as she grew up, it wasn't an easy ride.

I pray that you won't take what I wrote to personal or get on a defense. I pray that it will all work out for your good and you will find peace & guidance.

Blessings to you,

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