I need help with my depression :(


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Marcy - posted on 10/09/2013




I do need help because its been three months already and there's days I feel the same as I give birth :( thank you for your advice. , I appreciate .

Cecilia - posted on 10/03/2013




When you say sad, how sad? There are a few different names depending on the sadness.

Baby blues are very common and the lowest form of postpartum depression. It's something like 65-70% of women get this after having a baby. This will go away about 14 days after the baby is born. In general you just feel like crap and you cry for no reason what so ever. You will feel tired and restless, have mood swings, poor concentration.

If it is more sever or does not go away in the 2 weeks call your OB as soon as possible, It could be a more serious form of postpartum depression and you will need help with it. If at any time you have disturbing thoughts, or thoughts of harming your child or yourself seek help immediately. Some people don't have symptoms of the more serious cases of postpartum until well after the 2 week mark. Some get it when they stop breastfeeding.

The reason it happens is your body was pumped full of all these happy chemicals, one being oxytocin. They help you bond with your baby well before it's born. The problem is this oxytocin is in the placenta. When the baby is born the placenta is gone, thus is your stream of oxytocin.

This is the reason many mothers will get their placenta dried up and put into pill form so they can ingest it. ( honestly that's gross but hey what ever works right?) The only other way to fix the issue if your body doesn't handle it on it's own are anti-depressants.

Hope that helps some.

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