i need help with my underage pregnat friend

Alyssa - posted on 08/09/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




my friend is 17 and shes pregnat her boyfriend is 20, she has to go sign up for welfare. if she gives them the babys fathers name, what will happen to him?


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Louise - posted on 08/10/2012




I can only help from the UK. If a girl is pregnant under the age of 16 then a case can be brought against the father of the baby, normally this is not the case unless the girl is very under age or the father is a lot older. Your friends partner is a similar age so I would of thought that he will just be ordered to pay maintenance for the child like any other man. Your friend should come forward and get the financial help she needs to support her child.

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Depending on the state he could be charge with stagetory(sp) rape. My guess is that is what you were asking. Some social workers may allow her to decide whether or not she wants to charge him.

I know that where I am, the age break down for charges works like this: the older person must be with in a year of the age of the younger, when it comes down to an under 18 and over 18. But in another area I was in, it was rape at the second the elder person turned 18. So they could be seconds apart and it wouldn't matter.

Chaya - posted on 08/09/2012




If you're in the States, generally, he'll be required to pay child support. In most states, it's necessary to give the fathers name in order to recieve benefits for either parent or child

Lacye - posted on 08/09/2012




When the baby is born then more than likely they will make him pay child support.

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