I need help with school fustration PLEASE!!!!!

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Before I begin my spelling my be wrong from time to time because I am MAD and mind is going faster than my fingers ,please forgive me.My 10 year old daughter is severely learning disabled.After two years of fighting with the school fo more help she was put in a self contained classroom.One of the provisitions of her IEP (individual ed plan) her test are to be read to her and she is allowed to answer out loud.Last year she did not take six tests because "there was no one to read to her.I have offered to come in to do so if they would just call me.Fast foward to today.School board said not following the IEP is illegal so now the school is saying she took all but one and they are reviewing it this year so she can take it and the principal who i have had problems with fo 7 years is suggesting it was just my daughter that didn't want to do it.My daughter said they watched cartoons while the teacher was txting or on the phone most days last years.How is that my kids fault?Anyway I have a meeting Monday and I need help to not freak out because this is my kid and I want what is best for her.I want her to learn.


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JuLeah - posted on 08/25/2011




Get legal aid and have an advocate with you at this meeting. Don't go alone. Know your rights and know the law; it is on your side. They HAVE to follow the IEP and show progress or be able to explan the lack of.

Budget cuts ... they will cut out any kid who lacks a voice, and you are your child's voice. Demand, make them .... you have to let Mama Bear come out.

Get legal advice, go to legal aid ... just mentioning to the school that you have legal back up will make them take notice of you, but they have all the records and files, so they will twist and spin things to make you look bad.

Document everything!! Keep records and try to have all communication in email so you have a paper trail

Kate CP - posted on 08/25/2011




I had special needs in school because of my health and the fights my mother would get into with the school were epic. The only way it got better was when she pulled me out of school and home schooled me for a period of time (I was older).

Because your daughter has such special educational needs perhaps homeschooling her would be better (if you can)? Or a private school with a smaller student body might be better if you can afford it.

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