I need help with teaching basic math & reading.

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My daughter has a severe learning disability. She is 10 yrs old but her comprehension is 3-4 years behind. She is on an IEP so they have to pass her from grade to grade but she still cannot read/spell 90% of the high frequency words and does not understand multiplication/division. Mentioning that she needs to do homework sends her into a hissy fit, I feel so helpless. Any suggestions?


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Could you get a tutor to work with her? They may be better equiped to deal with her learning disabilities.

This may not work but maybe you could sign her up for www.readingeggs.com ? I've heard good things about how it keeps things at a step-by-step pace, and the kids can do it over and over so if they don't get it the first time they can redo a section. They also get 'eggs' which they can trade for playing mini games etc so every time they accomplish something they can get rewarded with that. I say this because it's a more fun version and less stress that she can do at her own pace.

The problem is the best way to get better at it is to keep doing it over and over, but if she struggles it makes her not want to do it.

Could you set up a system for her? Make it so she has a specific time to work on her homework with things set up and no distractions. You might try to have her earn 'benefits' for doing the homework when asked (not for being successful at it but for doing it without having a hissy fit). So she can earn stars or tokens when she does things responsibly and then cash them in for something special (special outting, extra tv time, a sleepover, an extra hour before bed something she doesn't usually get). You can decide how many tokens she needs for a certain thing, I would say at least 4 or 5 (if she gets homework every day) so she can cash them in at the end of the week. Or maybe 3 for extra tv and more for bigger things like a sleepover or special outting. I mean she's still going to have to do the homework even if she decides to throw a hissy fit so maybe this will at least motivate her to do it when expected.

I would really suggest finding her a tutor, even if you just have a high school student do it, they could work with her on her homework and try to help with other things. It's hard to get kids to work on schoolwork things when you're the parent, it makes one more powerstruggle/battle.

You could also use the reward system if she works on 'extra' things after she'd done her homework, even if it's repetitive, and it shouldn't be linked to how many she gets right but on whether she attempted to work with you.

Oh and for division you can use food, like smarties. So if I have 3 friends, and we've got 21 smarties, how many smarties does each friend get? I just know my mom used to let me use smarties for adding/subtracting somehow that made it all make sense (especially since I got to eat them!), so maybe that will help with division.

Multiplication is just memorization, she basically has to go over it over and over and over. Get her some flash cards to work on it.

Like I said, tutor would be helpful so that you aren't fully responsible for it all.

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