I need help with this decision!

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Hello Ladies,
I need someone to tell me what to do, or at least what they think with this decision!!
My son is 3.5, and was diagnosed with Autism.
He is currently enrolled and attending a pre-k program with the school in our community, and has so far excelled amazingly.
He has an Aid that he loves, and who loves him to bits. The entire school staff love our son, and continue to approach us on pick-up and drop-off's and comment on how cute he is, and how well he has adjusted.
The progress he has made in this year is super encouraging, and everyone is supportive and understanding of his sensitivities.

The problem I am having is that he has also been pre-approved into a special needs class at a different school, and am undecided on where to place him!

Each student in this other program have special needs, and everyone has their own aid.
The specialized program is a little more extensive. They have Speech pathologist, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, and Pediatrician on staff and the students are reviewed monthly by each professional depending on their specific struggles.
Depending on how severe they consider my sons condition, they may place him in either the morning class (with the younger students, and more serious cases) or the afternoon class (where the students are being prepared to integrate to mainstream schooling). They provide transportation, and snacks, and if he is in the integration class then he will be placed in a daycare for two afternoons a week.

The downside is that it is an extra $200 a month, and we are expecting a second baby in September, so are unsure about having to consider another chunk out of our budget.
Not only that, but I am unsure about placing him in this new program when he has been doing so well in the one he is currently in.
I am afraid of placing him into this extensive program when he already has had a year with normally developing children, and is adjusting beautifully. Our budget wouldn't have to take a bit hit either... I am also unsure about placing him in the extensive program for a year, only to uproot him again to place him back to where he currently is.

What would you do?!?!
Would you keep your child in a program where they are already excelling, or would you take the gamble?
I also don't want to feel like I didn't do all I could to help my son either! The money is an issue, but we could make it work if that was the route we took.
I am on the fence about it. The other program sound amazing on paper, but I am afraid of loosing a good thing that we already have... especially if he doesn't adjust well, or regresses!

Any advice will be super helpful!
I need to make a decision before the end of this month!

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