I need potty training advice help!

Holli - posted on 05/14/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Ok I started potty training my daughter in stages shortly after she turned one. First I started taking her with me when I went to the bathroom & singing a potty song. Then I bought a potty and began putting her on it every time I changed her diaper and I sang her the potty song while she sat. Finally I started putting her on the potty every hour and reading her a story. She began going potty the second day, and would clap and get excited because she knew shed done something good.
Then,in February I had a miscarriage. I was in and out of the hospital all month, I ended up having surgery, and at the exact same time our whole family caught a really bad cold. Her schedule was really interrupted, and she stopped going potty. It's been almost three months, and we've gotten back to the usual routine, but she hasn't gone potty at all. I'm seriously thinking about just giving up and trying again when she gets older. I would love any advice or if you hve a similar story please share!


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Sarah - posted on 05/26/2012




Hi Holli,
I had started training our eldest when she was under 14 months old. I was determined it was learned behavior and we could do it. I was pregnant with daughter #2 and wanted our oldest trained before she arrived. Once daughter number 2 arrived, after c section, the time I had been spending with daughter #1 was obviously cut way in half and I wasn't able to keep up with it. She regressed and starting her again was very difficult. She was doing great and we were succeeding before baby#2 but putting that break in there and not being consistent sent us many steps backward.
If you have started her again I would really try to persevere and keep it moving forward. At this point it would just emphasize the lack of consistency and send mixed messages to your little one. Life happens and you had no control over your situation but right now you get to make the choice. I understand the frustration, I have battled it on all levels of child rearing, but giving up will make it even more difficult once you start yet again.
I feel that I caused a much longer journey with our daughter and regret how I handled potty training #1. Please know I know your situation was way different in that you didn't choose that rocky path but I strongly urge you to keep at it :)
I am so sorry to hear about your baby and I will be keeping you in my prayers. Good luck with whatever you chose.
If you would like to hear my story a little more in depth, you can read it here

Katherine - posted on 05/15/2012




Yeah, I wouldn't give up per say but obviously her schedule has really been interrupted. She is still quite young. I would wait and try again in a few months. Sorry you had a miscarriage!

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