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My daughter turned a year old last month November. I am having another baby in June and I am not up for changing double diapers. I was wondering when should I start training and How do I get to know when she has to pee and poop.


Amy - posted on 12/28/2010




If you're trying to figure out when she pees and poops then you are training yourself not your daughter. At this point she is too young to control her bladder so I would get yourself ready for double diaper duty.

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Nothing wrong w/ introducing her to the potty, but don't expect any real success for at least 6-12 months.... or more (depending on the kid).

By the way..... changing diapers is MUCH easier than trying to potty train a child that isn't ready...


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Sherri - posted on 12/29/2010




I have to agree with Teresa and Renae on this one as well. With my first I went and gave into parenting pressure and tried way to early and he wasn't trained until the same exact time his brother was that I allowed to show me signs he was ready. They were all potty trained before 3 I just wish I had been more relaxed with my first as I was with his siblings. With my 3rd he potty trained himself at 26mo's. He came and told me he needed to go and got himself to the big toilet (we never used potty chairs, I personally think they are gross) and went pee. So I threw all the diapers away and he was in undies from that day on.

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That is so true Renae. I potty trained my girls and it took a year (2-3 more before they started being dry at night). I chose not to potty train my son and just let him do it on his own..... he is dry all day AND night at the same exact age his sisters were finally staying dry during the day. ;)

Renae - posted on 12/29/2010




Google signs of readiness for toilet training, you will find lots of websites with checklists to help you know when she is ready. The major sign is going 2 hours without peeing, this means that the muscles are capable of holding it in until the bladder is full so she will be physically able to control it. There is a difference between toilet timing (putting them on the potty when you know they need to go) and toilet training (the child takes themself to the potty). Starting before they are ready and just toilet timing can be more hassle than just changing a nappy. It is also thought by psychologists that starting toilet training too early does not make it happen any quicker, it just makes it take longer to get there. Apparently, when a child is really ready, it takes a few days to a couple of weeks to be completely trained with very few accidents, when they are not ready it takes months and many accidents.

Rebecca - posted on 12/28/2010




well depends how clever she is i mean my 4year old was trained by 1 1/2 because i was in the same situation iwas already preg with my second what i did was just take the nappy off and leave the potty in the living room where she could see it and if she pee or poop on the floor i wud just tell her calmly that not on the floor in the potty and then sit her on it to help her understand. and also i used to sit on it and try explain to her it only took 2months for her to poop init but the full six to pee but she still wore nappy at night for a further 6months. but with my second she is 2 1/2 and stilll wets the bed sometimes and herself during the day but never poop. it all up to your child and wheather she decides she wants to or not but also if she does something in the potty over praise her and if she does it on the floor dont get angry but tell shes a big girl and you are upset and she should go in the potty. hope this helps. good luck.

Lisa - posted on 12/28/2010




Hi Cynthia, my daughter is now 16 months old and we started potty training her around a year old. she would be potty trained by now however, my husband and I are not on the same page. He finds it easier to change diapers when he's home with her where as I try and put her on the toilet. first and foremost anyone who will have interaction with her need to be on the same page. Secondly we started potty training because she kept taking her diaper off and showing those signs. My parents bought her a training potty but she prefers the big toilet. When I ask her she lets me know if she pooped, peed, or if she is about to do those things so I can get her to the potty. My parents were on me from the start because I was potty trained by a year old and when my daughter showed the same signs I was told to start. It can be done and it will take a couple of weeks of doing the same thing everyday. After she drinks give her 15-20 minutes then try putting her on the toilet. when you change her diaper put her on the toilet for a few minutes rubbing her lower back. My parents told me that it relaxes them so they can go. Make it seem real, even though she doesn't go wipe her and flush the toilet. My daughter flushes the toilet and knows about wipng herself we're just waiting for that one moment she pees in the toilet. When that time comes make a huge deal about it, clapping and giving praise so she knows it's a good thing. from there with work it should be easy sailing. Good luck!! If kids show the signs they are never to young to start potty training. That's what pull ups are for when they do go potty use pull ups and consistently ask and put her on the potty.

Sherri - posted on 12/28/2010




Sorry WAY to young. She can not control her bladder yet, get to a bathroom on her own, pull on and off her pants, if she is not waking up dry from naps and can't do any of the other things mentioned above she is much to young.

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