I need recommendations on how much more time I should give my kids to start sleeping at night without using diapers

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Hi I have 2 boys ages 3 and 4 which, lately have been experiencing several changes in their lives such as moving house, changing schools, as well as the beginning of a new job for me which also resulted that they are no longer arriving home with their mother as they use to do after noon. Now they go from one school in the morning and dropped off in a nursery school from 12 to 6pm and we all come home after 6pm. (All of these events occurring in a period of time no longer than 1 year) My problem is that both children are not used to sleeping at night without using a pullups. They do rest at noon for 2 hours in their nursery school without using these but they seem to not getting used to do the same for the night hours. My dilema is that I still do not know if I should give them more time for them to start learning perhaps all these new events going on in their life right now? and I wonder how I can start teaching it from now on?. Thank you very much for all the help and recommendations you can share with me.


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Some kids can sleep through the night dry before turning 2. Others can't do it until 10.... or later. You can't really teach it (though I'm sure many will argue w/ me). It's a physical development like learning to walk or talk. Some things may or may not help them get it faster, but it's a bodily function that will happen in it's own time.

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I'm sure a lot of people are going to give you advice about things to do to keep them from going at night, but I do want to add that some kids will continue to wet the bed for years (some into the teen years). There are medical and genetic factors that can play into this. I see lots of posts about training children not to wet the bed, but for some kids it's just not that simple, so if the behavioral changes don't work, that may be something to consider.

My advice would be to try them out of pull-ups now and see what happens. If it's a real problem, then give them more time. Boys are especially susceptible to bed-wetting, so it may be a few more years.

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Your 4 year old should be coming out of pull ups now it is over due. I understand he has had a lot of up heaval in his life but he is a big boy now. Start by restricting his drinks an hour before bed and making sure he has a wee before bed then when you go to bed wake him and take him to the toilet. Make sure he does not lie in bed when he wakes up but gets straight up for a wee. Then when you have done this for a week or two let him sleep through the night and wake for himself should he need the loo. You can buy under sheet mats to protect your bed as there will be occasional accidents. Really you want him to try and be dry through the night as he will be at school soon and sleep overs will start does he really want to be putting on his pull ups!


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