I need SERIOUS HELP!!! Ugh.

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I am a working Mom. I never wanted to be. I always imagined my life differently. I'm old-fashioned. I believe the men should be working, and the women should be at home, taking care of the children&the home. I'm married. My husband doesn't work. He wants to, but he has limited experience&a misdemeanor on his background. I miss my baby girl very much! I feel like a bad mom for working¬ being able to see her as much as I want&when I do see her, I'm tired. I need advice please!


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Yeah. He takes care of the home&our daughter. It was a shoplifting misdemeanor so it's kind of hard for him to find employment. I just miss my daughter alot&didn't picture my life this way.

Amy - posted on 07/18/2013




I'm not sure why a misdemeanor prevents your husband from working. But if he's using that as a reason now he must if had difficulty getting employment before you were married. Someone has to support the family and since your husband isn't stepping up you really have no other option but to go to work everyday, he should be helping with household duties such as cooking and cleaning so that you are able to spend quality time with your daughter when you're home.

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