i need some advice here my son gets bussed to school he goes to school this morning looking normal .....

Elena - posted on 12/03/2008 ( 13 moms have responded )




....when he gets home his hair has been cut off in the back and front and not just little spots we are talking big areas of baldness i ask what happened he told me a 4th grader cut his

hair on the bus with a pair of scissors while the bus was moving and when he went to tell the matron she yells at him to sit down then the 4th grader threatens if he tells he is going to get beat up......what do i do????


Tanya - posted on 12/22/2008




Lenny, now u know how we all grew up, you bring your ass to school and raise some hell, nobody in their right mind would do something like that. I would have a meeting w the principal, other childs parent and the bus matron... that is dangerous, god forbid if the bus hit a bump and your son got stabbed by the scissors, then things won't be taken lighlty...

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Kate CP - posted on 03/26/2011




Oh. My. God. People...

Holly - posted on 03/26/2011




You have a nice piece of hard evidence. Take a photo of the cuts in the hair. Date them. Insist that the school do something. Keep going up. If no success call the newspaper, next get a lawyer, if that is too expensive check the anti bullying sites to see if they offer any legal help.

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so what happened? How did the school respond? How is your son feeling about it all?

We have had similar issues with the bus and it mostly depends on the busdriver. Hope that yours was able to respond appropriately, and will be able to protect your son adequately in the future!

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Not only do you report the boy who hopefully will be suspended for a number of days and likely banned from the bus altogether if he ever does this again, but the bus driver as well is to be reported. If the children can't rely on an adult in this situation, the adult should be reprimanded and told how to do their job. I would call the school principal and the school superintentent both about this. Let them both know you have spoken with the other as well to make sure something is done. The principal probably should be the one to contact the parents at your request. Let them know of the boy's threat.

Robin - posted on 12/22/2008




If your son can sit towards the front of the bus from now on I would do that & I would also speak with your sons teacher & let her speak with the principle of the school..

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My son is bullied and my dad drives a bus. Call the bus barn with the school district and make a complaint, the bullying is a hard one, after 2 years it got so bad, we now homeschool him and have him enrolled in 5 classes with other homeschooled kids, so I feel am not much help there. Our son has Aspergers and won't stand up for himself and is very sensitive. But the bus driver is wrong and most school busses these days have video monitors and some tapes only last about a week before it is recorded over so act soon.

Barbara - posted on 12/03/2008




How old is your son??? but regardless of age that 4th grader should know better than to cut someones hair. You should go to school and talk directly to the principal and the counselor as well. Scissors are a dangerous weapon to be carrying on a bus or brought to school. Here in Miami that is a cause for suspension to the child carrying the weapon.

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Go directly to the principal and to the school board. Do not yield. Keep at it until you see results. Until it is resolved I would probably drive my child to school. My next door neighbor had a similar problem. They found out that the child doing the bullying had been suspended from several schools. As a result of parental involvment, the bully was again suspended.

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I completely agree with Stephanie and would add on that the bus driver should apologize. That is totally unacceptable. No one should yell at another's person children, I don't care who they are. If a child is getting up and walking to the front there is probably a reason for it. We recently had problems with a couple bus drivers in my city and they ended up fired because of their misconduct. It was along similar lines but they would not stop! I would find out the child's name before you go to the school though, your son may not want to talk in front of everyone and I'm pretty sure they'll want a name. I know when my daughter had trouble with another student they wanted that students name as well. They talked to the other girl and found out the issue and resolved things with her parents help as well. Hope things get better for your son! Little kids can be mean.

Lisa - posted on 12/03/2008




call the school first thing in the morning. Tell what bus # he rides & the bus driver's name. Ask your son the boys name or a description of the boy. He is old enough to know better.

Stephanie - posted on 12/03/2008




I am so sorry to hear about your son's problem. This is totally my opinion but below a certain age, you've got to step in for your child when things like this happen. If it's possible, I would go to school with my child, speak to the principle and explain the situation. Point out that it is unacceptable for this to be happening to your son and that if this happens again you will have no choice to go to the schoolboard to file a complaint. I would also try to get that 4th graders name so that if the need arose you can try contacting that kid's parent..... good luck!

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