I need some Answers on Night Terrors for a Toddler!

April - posted on 04/10/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




Dalton (my 3 yr. old son) is still having night terrors and our our Peditrition told me that he would grow out of it but hes almost 4 now. I did not think that the night terrors was supposed to go on this long. I have Dalton an Appoinment because of his well-visit. I just need some advice about this situation.


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I'm 25 and I still get night terrors. They suck. My 3 1/2 year-old also gets them (and we often get them at the same time - it's weird). When that happens, we go out on the couch and snuggle until one (or both) of us falls asleep. If my daughter falls asleep first I will put her back to bed, but more often than not we both fall asleep on the couch and stay there the rest of the night.

I think the Dr. Sears method is a good idea, but sine my daughter's night terrors aren't consistent (they are very sporadic) it wouldn't work very well for me...

I bought a HomeMedics projector for my daughter's room and that helped for a long time, until my daughter's night terrors started being about frogs (and the projector had frogs on it). Now the projector is in the baby's room and my 3 year-old has her music every night as she's going to sleep (a cd of classical music playing very softly).

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I think night terrors can go on all through childhood. Some children grow out of them and some don't.

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my brother is 11 and he still gets night terrors, usually when he is ill these days but he gets them badly. My mum always told me if I was looking after him and it happened to get him to go to the toilet or to have a drink and if he had perspired to change his pj top but not to wake him fully, just talk to him like normal and he'd calm down.
He doesn't have them as much these days but a couple of years back he would get them often and badly. I hope that helps at all x

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Dr Sears (I love Dr Sears) Has some advice...

The following exercise has been shown to stop night terrors in 90% of children. For several nights, keep track of the time between falling asleep and the onset of the night terror. Then, wake him up 15 minutes prior to the expected time of the episode, get him out of bed and fully awake for 5 minutes. Do this for seven consecutive nights. If the night terrors recur, repeat the seven nights of awakenings.

Read the whole article here...he also mentions that being overly tired can cause them.
Quote: Night terrors are not caused by psychological stress, but they seem to be associated with being overtired.


Louise - posted on 04/10/2011




Have you used a night life and a snuggle blanket or teddy? let him choose a bear to keep him safe from whatever it is he is dreaming about. Buy a new teddy and tell him this bear is going to keep the ........ whatevers away make a big thing of it. Let him take the teddy to bed with him and tell him that he will sleep well tonight wont he teddy. When he wakes say look teddy is here and your ok arent you what a good job teddy did. Give him the teddy and he should settle quickly. Give him the teddy every night and see how it goes. The night terrors should become less frequent.

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