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April - posted on 11/27/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




Last night we had some friends over for dinner. I noticed my friend served her kids instead of letting them serve themselves. (They are 7,8, and 10) After they were done eating they ALL asked for more, stating that they were still hungry, and my friend said no. She told them they had had enough for their little bellies. The thing is, she gave them almost nothing, an ounce or two of protein and a heaping spoonful (kitchen tablespoon, not serving spoon) of each vegetable and a very small serving of potatoes. They played with my kids all day! Ran around like crazy! My 2 kids were starved by dinner time and ate accordingly. I really wanted to say something to her but I didn't. Her oldest son sat there with his head down and after a few minutes I asked him what was wrong and all he said was..." I'm still hungry." I was and still am so upset about this. In a way I know its none of my business but I felt so bad for them. I mean, they aren't starving by any means. But they are thin, too thin if you ask me, but apparently the doctor has said they're at a perfect weight and very healthy. My friend isn't though, she is a big woman and she would never leave the table still hungry. I fear that she is pushing her feelings and fears of being "fat" onto her kids. Do I say something? Anything? Or do I let it go? My quick solution last night, to fill their bellies, was to make up an excuse that I needed fruit salad for today, and since we were all hanging out, if they would help me. The kids snuck more fruit than went in the bowl. Every time her head turned the other way they sucked it down faster than she could see. That tells me that this happens all the time...that they are left hungry. Not starving, but never full. Ugh, its so frustrating. What would you do? Also, the mom, she is super aware of exactly what they need in their diet everyday, so getting her pamphlets or nutritional info etc wont work. Any advice?


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Michelle - posted on 11/28/2014




That's sad. My kids are always eating and they are like beanpoles!!!
Maybe just bring it up in conversation and mention something like: "When my kids have been playing all they eat so much. They must burn up so many calories playing that they need extra to replace it all." or something along those lines.
See what her answer is and reply from there.

Gena - posted on 11/28/2014




Its a difficult situation since they are not your kids. Something simular happened to me in summer,our neighbors ate dinner outside because we both live next to eatchother and we were also outside having a bbq. My son was eating a slice of bread and the girl came asking for a piece,i told her to ask her mom because i know she must first ask. The mom said "no we just ate". Then the girl began crying and saying she was still hungry. I also didnt know what to say,i just felt real bad for the girl. Maybe you could ask your friend why she doesnt want the kids to eat till they are full?

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