I need some hel;p. my 5 kids were taken away a year and a half ago because i was dirty when i delivered for amphetimines. I now have been clean for 15 months. i had court last week and lost my parental rights and the foster family wants a closed adoption. i was shocked i did everything they asked and more. my heart isd torn. I dont even understand how they can do this to a human being. now the paternal gma of kids wants to adopt them so they stay with the family but we r getting the run around the public defenders say its to late , cps says the case is closed but adoption isnt final till august 2013 the paternal gma was even told by my public defender that shes no longer the grandma . is there anything she can do to stop the adoption so she is recognized that she wants her grand kids. HELP!!!!!


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Gwen - posted on 03/19/2013




Amy, I HOPE you have been doing something proactive instead of simply being depressed. By proactive I mean going to your courthouse the one day a week when there is free family legal aid, usually it's only a couple hours one day a week and an appointment is needed in advance, do this ASAP. My cousin lost her son to CPS by not taking my advice, don't make her mistake. When you go for free legal aid (family legal aid) explain your situation, ask what forms you need to block this from happening, you'll be told. The forms will cost money, bring as much money as you can or bring grandma with so she can help financially, fill out the forms exactly as the aid tells you, the smallest error and the court won't read them and then file them. Serve them on whomever needs serving and go to court. You need to show you've fulfilled whatever obligation CPS has asked you to and then if you're not an acceptable parent get grandma in there lobbying for your kids. She'll have to file her own paperwork. IF there is a lawyer out there then I'd go that route, it doesn't sound like you have the means, so I am suggesting what you can do as a broke person. If you procrastinate even for one more month your likelihood of winning your babies back is 0.00001%. ACT NOW!!! GOOD LUCK!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

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