i need some helop with my 8 year old

Krystal - posted on 11/07/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




first of all my daughter is 8. her sister is 3 and brother is 2. im not too sure if she is lashing out or if she seriously has some kind of issue going on in her head. i have her set up for couseling starting this friday to see if they can figure out what is going on. last year she started with not wanting to go to school kicking and screaming not wanting to get out of my car. well she said a kid was picking on her so i got that settled but it just keep happening. then she turned the story on she didnt like living with my boyfriend (which has raised her since she was 9 months old) so me and the kids moved out... still no more then a week later i was having the same problems.for a while its been great ( becase of the summer monthsim guessing)well now its started up again but has gotten worse. she is now kicking,punching me scratching me saying im the worst person in her life, she wants to kill her self (which seriously freaked me out) she hates me, she runs from me and everything. and just like last night about 15 minutes later she does not remember anything she did.its really bothering me and the couselor at school isnt working too well so i went a step ahead and paid for another one once a week (starting friday) i have told her everything that has been going on and she has suggested MHMR just in case but im just not to sure about all that. i honestly dont know what is going on with her i dont know if its because her real father was starting to get her every other weekend and he got put in jail so maybe thats it, or if my friend dying is really affecting her. after my friend died she is the one that took it the hardet out of all of us, she alwasysays shejust wants to go be with her and lay with her. It really scares me. she has a horrible attitude and talks back. i really though ias doing a great job at raising her and now all of this is scaring me. my mom says if i dont get a hold of her now i never will. im a young mom so all this is so new to me i have never seen a kid act like this. In the public my child is like every other 8 year old, but there are days shes not her self, can someone help me out here..... please


Holly - posted on 11/07/2012




i think counseling is needed, i am sure she feels horrible that because of what she said that you guys don't live with the boyfriend anymore... and that may be why she feels like killing herself... but i am wondering where an 8yo even got that thought that it is possible to kill themselves.


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Krystal - posted on 11/07/2012




thank yall so much. any advise right now is wonderful. i thought maybe she was watching too much tv that i wasnt paying attention to so i cut that back a LONG time ago and when she said kill her self i seriously lost it. im trying to be the strong one through this its just so hard at times

Michelle - posted on 11/07/2012




Sounds like she is grieving over a lot of different things and counseling will help her to learn how to express herself in ways that are more appropriate and less harmful to others. Be open to what the counselor is telling you and work through this together your daughter is not lost she is just feeling helpless and alone right now be strong and help her through this.

Edith - posted on 11/07/2012




Have you tried sitting down with her and talked to her about this? Just the two of you?

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