I need some help i tooka home pregnancy test andit came negative and i went to my doctor and told him that my period came early and lasted for 1 day and a half he took me a urine prenancy and it came negative and then a blood test and also came out negative my breast are getting bigger i have nausea i have craving and my stomach is getting bigger can somebody please help me


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Lucille - posted on 07/23/2012




It could be a sever hormone change or if your under alot of stress it can simulate some pregnancy symptoms, and dramatically shorten a period. I would make another appointment with your doctor explain your symptoms and see what action should be taken. It could be as easy as switching your birth control

Ashley - posted on 07/17/2012




i agree with jenny. i to had breast swollen and even lactation but i was no prego! i took test after test cause me and my husband was trying to have a baby, and each time came back negative.

if you've taken all three tests and they all have said negative then the chances of them all being wrong is very doubtful. if you are tryin to conseive stop! the best way to do that is to stop trying

it took me and my husband 3 and half yrs to and i am now 38wks 2days. after 3 yrs of trying i gave up, started thinking it would never happened, then one day just for fun i took a test and came back possitive, i was shocked! and i didnt have morning sickness or nausea.

Louise - posted on 07/16/2012




Jenny is right, I get the same sore breasts swollen stomach and feeling unwell before a period is due.

Jenny - posted on 07/16/2012




You are not pregnant... Before my first child was born before every period my breast used to get sore.. and many a times i also used to feel nausea during my first and second day of periods..Its normal due to increased levels of hormone Estrogen.. So its very clear with the tests that you are not pregnant..Do you feel nausea and breast soreness in less or more amount during every period? and are you trying to conceive?

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