I need some help with my daughter's bed wetting?

Heather - posted on 02/19/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My precious 8 year old still wets the bed and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas. I have already taken her to a specialist and they say everything look ok. I have tried waking her up in the miiddle of the night so she gets in a routine of getting up to go to the bathroom, but she just doesn't seem to want to wake up at all. Her father had a small bladder and went through the same thing, I just don't want her to have to go through this until she is a teen. Thank you!

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Charlotte - posted on 12/30/2010




Heather, I went through the same with my children. Their bladders were underdevleoped and on top of that they were extremly heavy sleepers. It took time and lots of paincents. I always woke them up1 time a night...and it helped sometimes. Everyday I would have them as they became older take thier wet sheets off and I would wash them. It was a routuine. But the important thing is to always be supportive with them, never fuss about it too them cause that works against thier little minds. Its hard but can you imagine how they must feel waking being wet at thier ages. I know this also fist hand cause I was the bed wetter till I was 13. and I learnt its Ok.... by the time the kids bladder amtured they werent wetting, Its a relife but more for the kids. My adiveice paiticne. It will past in a few months to a few more years. till then take care.

Court - posted on 12/30/2010




As someone that went through it, I don't suggest you cope with it and let it be. I know a man who wet the bed on his honeymoon night. I personally had problems well into my teens. It is tough to go through. Do all you reasonably can, because it will affect her.

Set a routine where she urinates right before bed. Limit her liquid intake, but not in a way that makes her stand out to her other siblings, family or peers. Also stop keeping drinks with caffeine in the house and definitely stop serving them with dinner (tea, iced tea, coke etc.). Cutting out sodas and super salty foods that make us thirsty is not just good for her but for everyone. A lot of sodas are filled with salt.

I would monitor her every night for a week to see what time she wets the bed and try to discern a pattern. Then you can set alarms (like on an old cellphone) to wake her up a half an hour before.

Get plastic coverings for her mattress and put them along with a stack of sheets near her bed so it will be easier to clean up so she can get back to bed quickly.

Lisa - posted on 02/19/2010




it might be normal,my daughter is 15 she had the same issues, however they didnt stop until she was 12.

the dr. said it was normal for some kids however i noticed when we cut back on her in take of things like soda's,tea and things like that it got better. also the time of intake is good to watch...Good Luck and God Bless

Sharon - posted on 02/19/2010




If you did just a little research you would see that this is perfectly normal.

This isn't her fault.

Its unlikely to continue through her teen years.

You cannot do do anything about it.

Her body will mature, when it matures. You can't force this.

All you can do is COPE with it. Extra sheets, reduce fluids before bedtime, waterproof mattress pad, extra pajamas, etc.

At 8 yrs, if she wakes up after wetting the bed, she can strip it herself and take it to the laundry to be started in the morning.

You said her father went through this - evidently there is a hereditary link. What did the specialists say to you about that?

My oldest son went through this. He grew out of it.

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