I need some help with my toddlers' meals?

Reneé - posted on 02/15/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )





My 19month old toddler has not been a very good eater since babytime. He prefers his milk, and when he does eat, he only eats cheese, sausages, polonies and pasta. He will occasionally eat all his yoghurt that I give him, and sometimes he will eat a little porridge.

He absolutely refuses to eat bread or sandwiches. I have tried to give it to him in several different ways, but it always end up on the floor, scrunched up, but not eaten.

I usually try to give him some of the food that we eat at nights, but he is very picky and rarely finishes his plate.

He is growing very well, and on his weight percentile. the doctor said not to bother too much about the food. as he will eat when he is hungry.

Is there any alternatives that I can try for my kiddy? Any ideas that I can try to see whether he will like it?

Please help!




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Reneé - posted on 02/18/2012




He does love spinach and pumpkin, so if we eat it, he will eat it. I usually mix his fruits into a smoothie for him to drink with some milk and some yoghurt... he will usually drink it. But otherwise, I am struggling!

My mom has now given me some advice: I must make his food (say what we are eating), and if he doesn't want to eat it, that is his problem. he will not be getting any other foods. If he is hungry, he will have to eat the foods that I gave him originally. what do you guys think of this???

I am so tired of struggling and fighting about food and him eating it...

I am going to try this for a couple of days and see ow it pans out. Will let you know!


A very frustrated mommy

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You don't mention any fruits and veggies. Those would be the foods I would be more concerned w/ him eating.

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