i need suggestions on how to get my 14mth old to sleep without being wrapped.

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please help me! my 14mth old son will not go to sleep at night without being wrapped up like a newborn. i have tried loosening the wrap, but he just stands up and screams and chucks his dummy and rugs out of the cot. i have tried one arm in out out, but that didnt seem to work either. i am desperate!!!!! please help.


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Babies, toddler and all human beings need to feel safe. I totally agree with Laura. Your son will outgrow this; do try to cuddle your son before bedtime to give him that security. If he gets too big for the wrapping, buy a toddler sleeping bag.

Laura - posted on 02/11/2011




is there a particular reason why you want your son unwrapped? Does he sleep well if he is wrapped up? Personally, if he sleeps well if wrapped up I'd leave it be for now. Swaddling can be very comforting for some babies and if it allows him to sleep well then YOU sleep well, too! This is just your son's preference at the moment for sleeping. Have some patience as he most likely will out-grow this need for swaddling as he gets older. There will be more important battles to worry over as he grows and this might be one of those that you let go of for now. So relax! The important part is that he sleeps! Hope this helps and good luck!

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