I need tips for potty training while traveling please

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I have started potty training my 18 month old son, but am due to travel quite a bit. Can I get some advice on how to keep him on track while we are away from home? I don't want to stop and wait since we will be taking short trips off and on from now until after he turns two (family weddings and such). I already did that once after he turned one (he would run to the bathroom and knock on the door when he needed to go) and he is just now showing interest again. Any tips would be greatly appreciated:)


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I always brought the little seat that is inserted into the big seat so they'd be comfortable. Of course, always bring changes of clothes for accidents, stickers for rewarding success, pull ups for long trips. If you really can't stop and wait, you might want to bring a porta potty. You can plan your trip in a way where you know where you can go for bathroom breaks, and have regular trips to the rest areas. Kids on trips need to get out and walk around, they can only handle so much. Have him go before you leave, so you'll have some time before you have to stop.

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What we did with our kids when they were young and we traveled was take a potty chair with us in the van . When they had to go they could . They always thought it was kinda fun :)

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We transferred cross-country while my daughter (14 years ago) was learning to use the bathroom. I purchased a portable potty so that I wouldn't have to worry about where we stopped. Then I kept her in pull-ups the entire trip so that if an accident did happen, no worries. It worked wonders and we only had two accidents the entire trip!! Best of luck and remember, if necessary, put it off until you're settled again. =)


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