i need to get over him :(

Jennifer - posted on 01/13/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My babys dad left me two months. Ago and I miss him very much I'm upset that he might not miss me our son is 7 months old & I feel lonely. Without him around. But he cheated on me during. My pregnancy. & dated a girl 6 months through. Out my pregnancy. But after our son was born he didn't. Cheat but he would. Hang with his friends. I lived with him & his mom so controlling of my son... than my bf and his whole. Family left to this family. Event without. My son & I I would wash. His clothes. Make him food were both 18 I just think hell never regret leaving. Me :(


Rebecca - posted on 01/13/2014




Hey... my oldest's father and I were engaged... when I found out I was prego, he said... oh, I've got to tell you some things... I lied... (about everything) & cheated. When he disappeared for a few weeks, I hunted him down... He came back after she was born, but only for a couple of months. I told him if he walked out again, he wouldn't ever get to come back. I told him he could walk out on me, but don't walk out on her.

Well, he did.

Years later she wanted to talk to him, so I got his info from family. They talked back and forth for a month or 2. Then disappeared again. Now he is back in her life (she is 12) She has been talking to him for a few months, but is really over him. He isn't what she thought he'd be or what she wanted... IDK.

Let him go. Move on. And don't look back.

He keeps expressing to my daughter that he is interested in me... but that ship sailed about 12 years ago! I married, had 3 more kids, divorced, and now have a fab BF that will one day be my husband, and get to add 3 step-children into our life too.

Also, don't think that you aren't good enough. You deserve to be treated like a queen.... PERIOD. I ended up marrying a man that was abusive. It didn't start out that way, but progressed into it. I was married for nearly 10 years and he almost killed me more than once. Hold your head up high. Don't fall for the 1st thing you find. Don't think that nobody worth having won't want you and settle for the next disaster of a man. I thought... I have a kid, my body is ruined, and nobody would want me. WRONG. I am an amazing person, and I'm sure you are too! Don't waste another tear on this guy. Pick your head up, be the best mom you can be, and know that you are loved by a wonderful and powerful God who wants to give you the desires of your heart, but above all, wants to give you the best life.

Think of all that you want for your son, and all that you would do for him, and know that you are a child of God, his daughter, you are blessed, and he would do anything for you... if you let him.


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