I need to know if anyone out there in OK, has ever received an exemption to transport the child on alternate wkends, by or/ to the non=custodial parent? I need to know if anyone out there has

Marjorie - posted on 04/25/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




current OK RULE states one parent must take child to the non-custodial house and that parent must bring the child home. OR vice - versa. non-custodial must make initial pick-up and the custodial has to go get the child.

Seems the one,( non-custodia) should just come get the child on their turn, and bring the child back end of the visit. HAS ANYONE READING THIS NOTE , IN OKLAHOMA, EVER BEEN ABLE TO DO THE LATTER.


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Jodi - posted on 04/25/2013




Where I live, it is generally ruled as 50/50 (exactly as you have described your arrangement). My husband's ex moved about 250km away, and he still has to do 50% of the travelling. On the other hand, my ex moved away and I just refused to do the travelling. Obviously, if he'd decided to fight me on it, I would have negotiated rather than go to court, but he didn't, so he does all the picking up and dropping off. But if he DID decided to take me to court over it, I would probably lose that battle.

So I guess it depends on the circumstances and whether it is something that is worth taking back to court.

Amy - posted on 04/25/2013




Who moved away? If the non custodial parent moved away then you may be able to get the court to see its a hardship on you. But I'm not from OK so I don't know if they provide an exemption. Honestly if the non custodial parent didn't move away that seems like a fair trade off.

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