I need to start potty training, but my daughter refuses to use the pot

Jenna - posted on 10/08/2015 ( 5 moms have responded )




My daughter is 2 1/2 and is getting too big for the largest size diapers I can find. So I need to start potty training, but she refuses to use her potty. She will start screaming, crying, hitting, and trying to run away. She is more comfortable having an accident on the floor then using the potty. I'm a single parent and need to go back to work soon, but daycare are refusing to take a child who is not potty trained. I need to get her comfortable with the potty I just don't know how. Does anyone have any suggestions to help her be more happy about it?


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One of my friends had great success with her child by providing a step stool shaped to fit around the toilet (her hubby had to make it) and she had a set of coloring crayons so that her daughter could set backwards on the potty and color on the top of the tank to keep her occupied until she peed in the potty. Sounds wierd but it worked and her daughter was almost three. the colors will wash right off as porceline is impermiable because of the glaze. The backwards position also makes some children feel more steady on that large seat. My boys would never use a potty chair either.

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Get her into bigger pull ups and let her take the lead. If you need to work you may need to look into private care that will be willing to deal w/ diapers/pull ups... as the more you 'need' a child to potty train... the less they will be willing to cooperate.

Bodily functions are one of the few areas that a child has (and should have) complete control. She will not be in diapers/pull ups forever... best to let her take the lead and use the toilet when she is emotionally ready to do so.

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Try making it a game. Put up a chart to show how well she's doing and explain to her how it will work. She gets stickers every time she eliminates. After 5 or 10 fun stickers for going on the potty, maybe she gets a toy. For having accidents, don't get mad at her, but put a black sticker or sad face or something to know she didn't do as she was supposed to. No further punishment for accidents. Just let her come around to wanting the fun stickers and toys for going potty.

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