I need your help! My 17 year old daughter weights near 200 poun...

Helen - posted on 08/21/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I need your help! My 17 year old daughter weights near 200 pound, she is 5'5", I never see her wash her face. She also never use any lotion or sunscreen I bought for her. I still clean her room and bathroom. She mixed clean and dirty clothes and everything thing is on her floor. The only thing she works on everyday is playing computer games or watch movies on her computer. I know she hates me no matter what I do for her. She also doesn't care about much her younger brother who is 7. Since she missed up her grades in high school, she will go to community college this fall. I really worry about her and myself. What a adorable girl she was when she was little. My heart is broken whenever I see her sit there and do nothing but computer games. I took her to see counselors a few times and it seemed helped a bit. I feel that I am not smart enough to deal with this 17 year old.... crying... In the past, whenever we have a fight, she would not go to school next day or do any homework. She was always a straight A student when she was in elementary and middle school. Please help me..


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Chaya - posted on 08/21/2012




Take the computer away, if she wants to be a slob, let her, but don't aid and abet it. She's probably depressed,the thing to do is to get her out of the house, but that needs to be up to her. The other approach I'd take is to do her laundry, etc, but tell her if she's going to act like a baby, you'll treat her like one, you'll decide what she wears, when and how, etc. If my kid skips school, I'll babysit her at school for the next six months. If I have to go on welfare to accomplish that, I will, then she'll have to depend on her dad for spending monies.

Tina - posted on 08/21/2012




It sounds like it might be a bit of depression. It's sort of a vicious cycle when you're over weight as well you eat because you feel bad then you feel bad because you eat. First of all you can start by not buying any junk food. You may not be able to stop her going out and getting it herself but you can make sure she can't access it in the home. You could just unplug the computer and put it away. It will cause tension but she will be alot better off without it. She would be able to focus more on other things. If she needs it for homework. Allow it for that and that only. Ask her if she's having any other problems with school, friends or bullies. Couselling is ok but you have to be consistent with it and get to the root of the problem and you need to take baby steps to make things better. It will take a lot of time. But it'll be worth it. Good luck.

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