I promised my son that I would take him to Six Flags on his birthday which comes on , August 8th. I lost my Job in February and I haven't gotten a job since and am relying only on public Assistance and it only cover the rent and little for the bills. How can I get good people to help me online atleast something that will make up for his birthday even to take him out anywhere for I can't afford a birthday party or to buy him new clothes or a skate board. Thank you


Amy - posted on 07/20/2012




My husband lost his job and we don't get public assistance so I know how hard it is to explain to the kids that things happen and you can't follow through on your commitment. I would try to explain to him the situation and let him know that once you find work you will make it up to him. Do you have any family who can at least help so you can get him a birthday present, even if it's not something big? You can also try to reach out to your town or city parks and rec department and see if they have any events or fun activities that you could get him involved in without the cost because of your situation. If you are religious you can reach out to your church and see if they can offer some sort of assistance. Good luck.

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