I put a post on here yesterday about going to the police, I just wanted to update...

Emilie - posted on 07/21/2010 ( 12 moms have responded )




When my kids (they are 7 and 3) came back from their dads house on Sunday they said that their dads sisters boyfriend was masturbating (they didn't use that word though)in the car. My son said that he was parked in front of the house and he had one of the neighbor girls in the car with him (she is 14) and he was taking picture of his Penis, and my son saw him in the car and he saw the pics.

My son also told me on a separate occasion that he was taking a bath and that man came in there and was rubbing my sons Penis. My daughter is 3 she said that he touched her private but she is so young I don't know if she is just saying that because my son said the he touched his.

I reported this to the police but they aren't sure if they can do anything unless they get the cooperations of the girl that was in the car. They also want to arrest my ex because of failure to protect his children. I hope that they arrest his siters BF, but I am not sure if I want for my ex to get in trouble, he might of not known about any of this, I just want for his sisters BF to be in Jail, and I don't want him around kids anymore.

Yes my past post did say that my sister reported it, she reported it to CPS, I talked to the police today.

I am not really sure what my ex knows,because he has never said anything to me about anything happining, it is always my son that tells me stuff. He knows that his sisters BF got her pregnant when she was 15 and he was 19, but his family never pressed charges. He also got a 14 year old girl pregnant when he was either 18 or 19 and he went to jail for that and then the family of that girl dropped the charges.

I have said to him before that I didn't want the kids around the BF before but I don't thik he really took me seriously, I guess he thought that the kids were not really in any danger. Then the kids would tell me that they were around him when I told him no to have the kids around him. I talked to CPS in the past and they told me that I couldn't control what goes on in his house or who is at his house.


Lois - posted on 07/21/2010




The next call you should make is to child protective services.If nothing else they can make quite clear to your child's father that the boy friend is not to be anywhere near the children,at any time,and that allowing him near the children could cost him his visitation and could bring him up on child endangerment charges.As for the sister-she should be told what a creep the bf is,and that going out with him is a very bad idea.

Tracy - posted on 07/21/2010




Hold up, your son is 7 and able to describe what this man has done not only to his body, but to his little sister's too. That should be MORE than enough for the police to start an investigation. They need to go to the other little girl's house to interview her with her parents, too. Is there a sexual assault department? If not, and the police aren't helpful, then find a local organization for sexual assault victims, they should be able to help you lean on the police and get your kids help, not to mention put a LOT of pressure on the ex to protect his children from this scum until scum is removed from society. Yes, he may catch some heat, that's his problem.

Good luck to you, and your kids. Just please DO something now. Before something even worse happens to either of your kids.

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Oh holy crap, I just reread your post, that guy has molested your children. File a report, go to the station and file a report, ask to speak to the freaking sergeant & don't leave until they take a report & go out to arrest this guy. They don't need that 14 year old girl, she is just an additional witness. What they are trying to do is to see if you are serious.

Why are you being so passive about all of this? What this guy has done means jail time, go down to the police station & press the issue. You don't need to prove anything to them, and make sure they give you a case number which means they did actually take a report. Good god?!


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Charity - posted on 06/14/2011




You said in your post this man has rubbed your sons penis, and you HAVEN'T reported this. Why. Your children have been molested. If your son has told you what has happened to him, that gives even more credability to your daughter. Do you want your children to hate you when they are older? Your children NEED you to protect them, not wait until they have been raped and then report it. This man needs to be locked up before it becomes something a lot worse then touching.

Sofia - posted on 07/23/2010




... don't wait to do something until one of your kids gets seriously hurt... If you can see danger is coming, don't put them at risk. It will be horrible on your kids and horrible on you. You won't be able to forgive yourself for putting your kids through that. And your kids will remember this things... and they are probably going to wonder why nobody protected them... be very careful, and make sure you are SAfe aswell as you are going through this.

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This man is seeing what your kids will tolerate before he starts touching them or asking them to touch him also. How do you know that your son was not the object that this man was becoming sexually aroused to?

People who molest children often do it in baby steps. It will not be long before this man starts to touch your children & it will not be "mommy I saw him" they will be telling you "mommy he hurt me" or you will be finding blood in you little girls underwear.

Can you live with that? Or can you live with it if your kid comes and tells you when they are 18 how their dads friend hurt them & why did everyone let it happen?

Your ex has made some poor judgement calls & it is not safe for you to leave your kids alone with him. If it were any normal father, or even my child's father he would have tore that guy a new ass & given him a beat down. What ever is going on over there is not normal.

Don't feel gulity for a second.

Betty - posted on 07/21/2010




I think you already KNOW that your ex is not supervising the kids at his place! Protect your children and the devil take the hindside if so called Dad gets in trouble!!!!!!!!! HE CAN TAKE CARE OF HIMSELF, THE CHILDREN CANNOT, AND IT IS PART OF THE JOB OF BEING A GOOD MOM TO PROTECT THEM FROM HARM. JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!

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Your past post also said your sister reported it to the police...not you.

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Maybe sit down with your ex and explain to him what the kids saw and what happened. Also, leave it to the cops to see whether or not your ex needs anythign against him. If he saw it and didn't protect the girl and his kids then he deserves to get in trouble! You did the right thing!

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As I understood your past post, your ex did in fact know about this. The BF was asked to move out and later allowed back in. The BF was messing around with a 14 year old.

Don't make excuses for people.
I would not let this go if I were you. Now you know, it is on your hands if additional things happen.

When we are protecting our kids, we upset people right and left, don't give it a thought. Protect your kids.

Michelle - posted on 07/21/2010




It's your children that come first. If your ex isn't involved or is unaware of whats been going on then, if he's any dad at all to the kids, he should support you in bringing his sisters boyfriend to justice. I think you've done the right thing by calling the police. Now just let them do their job and don't worry about your ex. I agree that you shouldn't let your kids anywhere near them, even if it means your ex will have to either not see the kids for a while or see them at yours.

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