I read an article about a woman using her own technique to teach her son about sex and facts of life. Should I follow her technique?

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Recently, I came across an article on the Internet where a Chinese Woman decided to teach her 14 year old son all about sex by using her own body as an example. She brought her son along to her gynecology exam and let her son inspect at all the parts of her body. He watched as she explained the process of sex and birth. According to her, this was the correct way to teach her son about the facts of life.

This article hit me because I too have a son who is now 13 years old and have been trying to find an effective method to discuss the similar subject with him but have been unsuccessful so far. Coincidentally, I also have my upcoming gynecology exam. Yes, You have guessed it right. I am thinking of doing the same but I'm not sure. As I'm a single mom I can't discuss this matter with my partner. I also can't share it with my friends due to it being a controversial issue. Therefore, I decided to share it here with the experts.

Should I go for it or are there other methods you can suggest? Should I even worry about teaching my son about sex and facts of life or leave it entirely to the school system?


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There's more to sex education than learning about a woman's body parts. Quite frankly, I am 100% positive that any healthy young man I know would not want to view his own mother's gynecological exam. Instead, I'd recommend you talking to your gynecologist about it, and asking for some educational pamphlets or a recommendation to a good sex ed book.

What is sex ed:


Talking to your teen about sex:


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Well, no, I don't think it is a good idea. I think a teenage boy does not need to be taught about sex and/or the woman's body by their mothers gynecology exam. There are so many other ways. You could even sit down with him and go through the internet. Give him a book and let him know to come and ask any questions he may have, that you are willing to answer any he has.

Also this is something you should be teaching them from a very young age. So that by the time they are 13/14 they already have a good understanding. Teaching about sex is very very important and should NOT be left up to the school but again, there are good and not so good avenues.

What exactly is it that you are hoping to teach him? Do you really think he does not know how babies are made and where they come from? I don't think him seeing your "woohoo" is going to be a tender and enlightening experience. I think it would be embarrassing and perhaps even traumatizing. Imagine being a teenage boy having to look at their mothers private parts and then be explained to what they are for and how they are used! I mean, to me, that is just wrong.

I have been considering bringing my daughter with me to my yearly appt. However, it is not intended to teach her about my/her body or sex. She does not have to watch. It is simply to help her see that getting your yearly exam is important and that when you are in the room it is not as scary as it seems. I want her to see that the doctor is gentle and not forceful. That they tell you what they are going to do before they do it and that they give you privacy while getting undressed and dressed. I want her to feel comfortable with going for her ever so important yearly exam. I see no reason for a teen son to be attending such an appt.


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Yes, you should worry about teaching your son about sex. It is up to you AND the school IMO.

Now as far as your question as to use yourself as a model....I think in China it may be a cultural thing......I personally don't find it appropriate. But that's just my opinion. Your son is too old now for you to be exposing yourself. You can use picture books and other resources.


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