I REALLY need help and ADVICE please.

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So I am 18. I am pregnant. And the father just dumped me last night. He said every time he said he loved me, he missed me, he wanted to make our family work was just a joke. He wants to get me back for not getting rid of our little girl. She is due in about 3 months :) I love her. and I dont want him in her life. If he can play games like that and just easily walk in and out of her life the whole time. He has attempt to distribute charges which are most likley being dropped, but still. He tried killing himself. I dont want my child around this. Also he lives 3 hours away from me. He "says" he will fight me for custody. What is your advice? What will most likley happen in court. Also, im so emotionally hurt. I have been so stressed I was put in the hospital and had to have magnisum pumped through an IV to get my blood pressure back to normal because its causing preterm labor signs. I really need some help please. and by the way he has a thing with his step sister now...... which hurts me too.


Jodi - posted on 02/23/2013




Generally, the courts will recognise that the child has a right to a relationship with both parents. Even if you can prove he wouldn't be fit to have the child unsupervised, he will probably get supervised visitation.

Your emotional hurt is actually totally irrelevant in this situation. While I understand you are hurt, the court really doesn't care, and it has nothing to do with the best interests of the child.

I would suggest you talk to a lawyer and make sure that when the child is born, you file for child support and appropriate custody and visitation arrangements.

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