i really need your help! me and childs dad broke up when i told him i was pregnant he didnt have anything to do with our son until i contacted him through CSA when our son was 18 months old our son is now nearly 4. since then he has had regular contact and everything was running smoothly, up untill about 6 months ago. in the last 6 months he has been arguing with me there are 4 main arguments the first was our sons behaviour, he is a hyperactive little ball of fire! and i love him for being like that at times its hard but its who he is. his dad on the other hand has said he is turning into a horrible child and its all my fault because i dont discipline him enough (which he wouldnt know if i did or didnt because he doesnt live with us) the second argument is quite embarrasing on my behalf, i have 2 cats and they have recently had a bought of FLEAS! there i said it! my poor boy has been bit by them, i have taken him to docs got medicines and creams also have dflead the cats twice within 2 weeks sprayed the entire house with expensive stuff from vets. his dad is still not happy and has said im not trying hard enough and doesnt believe ive done this! the third argument was choosing schools. his dad lives the other side of town to me and was trying to push me into lying about where charlie lives to get him into the school near the dads! (here is where i start to think there is an alterior motive!) in a recent argument he said why do you think i want him more and wanted him to go to a school near me because i cant trust you! (alterior motive thought gets stronger!) on top of all this he has threatened to kick my door down and take our son from me, he has taken class A drugs (not around our son but when he was meant to be in his care) and smoked drugs when charlie was in bed at his house. he has now just told me he has got a solicitor! WHAT DO I DO!


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Well I would make sure you have full custody of your son..if you dont already. I dont know if you have actally gotton to where he has visitation rights at certain times or not. But even if you do.. if this guy comes in a breaks down your door and takes your kid..well you can get him up on charges..tresspassing, vandelism, kidnapping, breaking an entry, attempt to assult.. if he breaks in..you have the right to shoot.. and if he does do this and you don't shoot..well he will get one hell of a jail sentence and when they find that he does drugs.. well that will be more added to it. If he has your son and is doing drugs..then maybe you need to contact social services or go and get him..if he wont allow it..then contact the sherriff.. once they see that he is doing drugs , this child will nnot be aloud to be around him. If I were you.. I would make sure you have full custody of your son and get all the dirt you can on this guy..see if he has been in jail for any reasons..you can go to the courthouse and have his name brought up to see if he has anything against him. get copies of it. to me this guy is a wak job and maybe you need to see a lawyer or talk to s.services and see what you can do. He can't do anything to you. You have been taking care of him all this time.. when he got bit by fleas.. no big deal , you took him to the doctors for treatment..that will be in your favor. If he is threatening you.. then you need to contact the sherriff office and let them know what is going on ..that way it will be on file and if it happens, that will be in your favor too. if he does do something, then you still can nail him.. but in the meanwhile i would get me a weapon and put it in a safe place , under lock and key.. have it registered now. contact the sherriff's office and complain that this guy is threatening you..if he threatens you..that is a threat to your child too and the sherriff and social services will take that seriously. this guy may not ever be able to have any contact with your child, unless it is under supervision.


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Sam - posted on 12/08/2012




hi thanks! i think sometimes its just nice to hear from someone that hes in the wrong and not me! unfortunately im in the uk and not allowed a gun! otherwise this would be amazing! but i will take everything you said on board ive contacted a solicitors already just waiting for them to get back to me! im fed up of protecting him now by keeping this info to myself! thankyou so so so much! x

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