I recently found out that in order for my son to get special services in school he will be classified as Asperger's. I heard the news and cried, He is so happy and bright. He does have some echolalia, and he is very social. However because he doesn't know his boundaries, I think that is where the Aspergers comes in. Is there a nother parent out there who can relate?


Ev - posted on 11/22/2014




I understand your worry and fear but its not the end of the world. If this can get him the help he needs to learn what he needs to to be able to be productive in the world, by all means work with his school and all. My son was diagnosed at 11 with Autism but just the general term not a specific. He is very high functioning like Aspergers and some of the other spectrums. He has had extra help since first grade though because he has a learning delay as well. He has come a long way though and is a senior now and is going to graduate with a good grade point average (above a 3.0 I think) and he is active in his classes. He has chosen to be a mechanic and is looking at some other things too. The extra help is there for those that need it. Its not a bad thing. All kids are unique.

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